Welcome to Europarla or Berta and the European Union



I am re-launching into the blogger universe with this space dedicated to the European Union. Actually, my intention is to dive along with the reader into the world of European Parliament, into its committees and subcommittees, into its behind-the-scenes operation. However, it is unthinkable to deal with the European Parliament while ignoring the reality and actuality of the European Union as a whole. For this reason, from the beginning, I already advance the primary focus of this blog: it deals mostly with the European Parliament but also with the European Union.

Although it is known that the European Parliament is the legislative branch of the European Union, the wide range of its activities, its effectiveness and its real power are not always known or made obvious. It is true that terms such as European Union, Europe, Brussels, –and recently also– Berlin or Frankfurt, populate the media outlets and our minds. However, most of the time they refer to decisions made by the executive or monetary institutions such as the European Commission or the European Central Bank. Those agencies take center stage at the European Parliament, which certainly appears much less in the media, but, after all, it is the only democratically elected institution. In its representative task, it is the organ with the most multiplicity of opinions, viewpoints and interests that is offered to the European citizens.

My objective is to present various approaches from which to get to know the European Parliament. First I would like to describe, in my own words, its history from the origin and the reason of creation of the European chamber, to its renewed power within the European Union. Did you know the amazing weight given to the European Parliament by the Lisbon Treaty? Also, I believe it is essential to critically analyze the discussions and doubts that the European Parliamnet generates, both inside and outside its walls, the challenges it faces, and the limits of its power. Have you ever heard of the Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions? Finally, above all the European Parliment is a representative body composed of political parties and Members of the European Parliament. I also would like to take a look at their profiles, tasks and promises. Are you already informed of when the next European election is?

Despite my good intentions and motives, here the reader may ask, why make another site that talks about the European Parliament Parliament and the European Union? What reasons does Berta have to open another space dealing with the same issues? The truth is that the main aim of this blog is to introduce and promote the European Parliament among my friends and acquaintances, to encourage them to learn more about this exciting organization. Recognizing the immense power of the Internet and social networks, and with an eye on the European Parliament elections in June 2014, my desire is to convey the importance of this election and the need to vote. Besides promoting the approach of the European Parliament, I also seek to provide an analytical blog that is absolutely individual and genuine. Finally, –and why not admit it– this space is also a fun and challenging way to investigate, learn, and humbly share about every corner, polemic and actor involved with the European Union.

Anyway, as I said before,

WELCOME to Europarla or Berta and the European Union.


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